Saturday, September 27, 2008


5 of our friends came over! They're all related, too. 3 are sisters, the other 2 are sisters, and the 3 and the 2 are cousins if that makes any sense at all. Ruthie reminded us that if Ivy comes we'll be 5, just sisters. Josefina rolled her eyes a little, because even though she likes Ivy, she's a little unsure about her living here. Anyway, we had an awesome sleepover. Hanna and Molly and Sophie (BFFs) went out to climb a tree, with much struggle. Here's the album!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yo, people.

First of all, it is blasphemous to start a blog without me knowing. And secondly, how dare my sisters/cousin even think of going to see MY friends (Kaya and Jess) without me there? I would let them know this straight-off except for that they sewed me an awesome punk wardrobe, and got me some cute punk clothes as well. So I can't really be mad.
But guess what? There is the sweetest ever 3rd grader in my school. Her name is Ivy Ling, and she has sweet little dimples, and is always putting her index finger to her cheek and twirling her foot around, saying, "Um... I don't know!" she has the cutest little lisp, and simply put, everyone loves her. So, it turns out, she's an orphan. Her parents died in a car accident when she was little, so she's been "house hopping", or switching from foster home to foster home to foster home. And now her current place can't keep her, and her social worker says she needs a good, long term foster parent to mentor her before she gets too old. And my mum is her teacher, and is seriously thinking about adopting Ivy. I'm cool with that. When Ruthie came, I was bugged, because things were kind of weird as it was, with me hanging with Sophie and Kit, but Kit not liking Sophie that much, so I was worried that stuff would get a LOT worse with Ruthie. But they got better. And Kit adores Ivy, and Sophie is practically best friends with Ivy (next to Hanna and Addy) and Ruthie babysat her once this summer and LOVED her, so it might be a go.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Trip to the Basement

Oh, I had the most amazing trip! It was to the basement. It was life-changing and thought-evoking! I'm better than, like, Marco Polo for doing it. Here's a documentary on my trip. Don't cry for me too much. I made it out alive.

----Kit, the intrepid explorer


We are all bored. We switched middle names again. We constantly tire of our old ones and switch. Now I am Sophie Claire Everest Mesk. Kit is Kitrina Eloise Genevieve Mesk, Josefina is Josefina Dahlia Mesk (technically she came up with this before going to the doll hospital), and Ruthie is Ruth Ann Monday Mesk. Actaully, she didn't switch names or anything, because she was born on a Monday so her mum named her Monday.
Mum is at it again. She's plotting another girl. I say, "NO!" and she says, "I know, I know. But what about twins?" Yes. She wants twins named Monday and Luna (though Ruthie claims to hate her name, she got a tad defensive then). They would be #22's. She would get their ears pierced and get them little heart earrings. Monday would be bossy, but really nice (I said, "Why Bossy? Everyone here is bossy but ME!") and Luna would be nice and quiet, and open to compromises (sounds like a kindred spirit to me!). Or she'd get Ivy. And name her Ivy, haha. But Where would they sleep? Mum says that we're getting a big shelf for all of her books, and she'd donate a shelf to us. It could be another bedroom, she said. No, that wouldn't work, because it's too FAR from our house. Who wants to trek, like, 2 metres to get to bed? Not me, and surely not Monday or Luna or Ivy.
Actually, I'm rather warming up to the idea of Monday and Luna. But how old would they be? I don't want another girl being bumped up to being older than me, but I like being the youngest!
Monday and Luna could be 10, but they'd have to be another family. The Mesk's are just fine as is, thank you very much. Hey! They could be Monday and Luna Starr! Uh-oh... Josefina is gonna be mad when she hears mum's plots. She had enough after I came... she practically moped for weeks after Ruth came. But what should we have done? Let our Cousin stay with a Truly Terrible Dad?
Sophie Claire Everest, completely confused...

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hey people! Yesterday our friends Nellie and Jess came over to sleepover! Fun!

We did our favourite things while talking...

We played Tag (Jess was it, and Ruthie had an unfair advantage...)

And we posed for the camera!

We had SO much fun!
And, Mummy made us knitting needles!

Now Mummy is going to the circus, and we wanted to go, but she said NO because if one went then the others would be sad and she couldn't take us all....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hide and Go Seek

Hi people! Here's a picture of my family playing hide and go seek! See if you can see us all! BTW, Josefina is counting, not hiding.

Hide and go seek!

A Little Anecdote...

Hi! It's Ruthie here.
I have a teensy weensy anecdote to tell. When I got my cat Licorice, I was scared that Josefina and Sophie's cat Blender would fight with Licorice, but Kit said, "Ruth, Dear, that cat has hardly moved EVER. If that cat died, no one would know. Except for Rolf. He can smell dead things perfectly. That's how I knew there was a beetle under my bed." Apparently such things are normal for quaint Kit to say, but I just howled with laughter. Haha!